Estimated Arrival Date 7 July!

The oven is heading towards Virginia. XPO Logistics is the shipping company. I plan to schedule the Forklift on Friday, July 9th to give a cushion on delivery. From the email I received, XPO will contact me when the oven arrives at the local distribution facility and I have a three day window to get it delivered. So if it is scheduled to arrive Wednesday July 7th, Friday July 9th should be a good delivery date.

To receive the oven and get it to the stand I will need an off-road forklift. I use United Rentals for my equipment rental needs. They have the best prices and service has been outstanding. I will have to rent the following for the one day:

  • Rough Terrain Forklift, 8,000 lbs., 15 ft.-22 ft., 4WD – $383 per day
  • Forklift Forks Attachment, 6 ft. (72″ forks are required for the size of our oven) – $28 per day
  • Hydraulic Ground Level Equipment Trailer, 6 ft. by 14 ft., Tandem Axle – $63 per day.
  • Total Rental Cost (without Taxes) – $474

United Rentals can also deliver and pick up the forklift and forks to/from the job site but the cost is $210 each way! Since I have a Ford F350, I will have no issues with the weight so the $63 trailer rental is a much better option!

So, we are in a holding pattern waiting for the delivery. I may begin the stand stucco this weekend if I can get help with getting the 55 pound bags of mix. If I can get them stacked in the shed I can open and take out small amounts at a time and be within my 20 pound lifting restriction. I don’t think applying the mix to the stand will be that difficult. We’ll see how it goes and how I feel.

More to follow!


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