Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is finally the day of delivery! So far, everything seems to be coming together.

Yesterday I received a call from XPO Portsmouth. They were concerned that they didn’t have a way to offload the “pizza oven from Forno Bravo”. They said a forklift with long forks would be required. I let them know that I had a telehandler with 72″ forks being delivered at 730 am on the 14th  and would be ready to offload. She sounded very relieved and let me know they would see me on the 14th. The driver would call me when he is an hour away. So the delivery is confirmed. I have to say, XPO Portsmouth VA has been very professional and their customer service is outstanding.

I have the contract for the telehandler with 72″ forks. I noticed this morning that the charge for United Rentals had been charged to my credit card today. So I am more comfortable that the forklift is on schedule to be delivered tomorrow morning.

My stress level has gone down quite a bit. As long as the telehandler arrives and it has 72″ forks, I am totally comfortable with the plan for tomorrow.  I spent 40 years in the grocery business and even though I retired from an executive position, I have had considerable time operating forklifts over the years. So I am not worried at all about forklift operation and the process of getting the oven offloaded and to the stand. I’m a little concerned about getting the oven lined up square on the stand and watching the ice melt to lower the oven to the stand. However, the worst that could really go wrong is the oven will be slightly off square on the stand. I will be able to make small adjustments as the ice melts so I think it will be ok.

I really can’t wait until the oven is here and on the stand. After that, there will be no more “stressful” aspects of this build. We will apply the Rapid Set Mortar Mix to the cinderblock and cement board as a stucco finish. Then a little paint and the stand will be done. At that point, we’ll order the granite counter tops. Then we’ll close the 6′ privacy fence back up and be done!

Looking forward to some great pizza!

More to follow!


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