Oven Delivery Scheduled!

I’ve been following the tracking website for the oven. It has showed “Delayed in transit” still in California since July 2nd. I couldn’t schedule the forklift since I didn’t know when the oven would get here. This morning I called XPO in Portsmouth VA and found out the oven was on it’s way to PA and the XPO office in Portsmouth sends a truck to PA every night to pick up loads. She said we could schedule delivery for Thursday. Wow, now I had to schedule the forklift.

I called United Rentals and they didn’t have any rough terrain forklifts available. The gentleman said he had no idea when they might get one since they have been short on equipment for a long time. Could be this week or it could be three weeks or more! That was totally disappointing since I have been talking with them and at no time have they told me there would be an issue with getting the forklift.

I then called a couple other rental locations and no one had rough terrain forklifts! Now I am scrambling. A quick Google search turned up Herc Rentals with a location in Virginia Beach. I called them and they have a 6,000 pound Telehandler forklift available for Thursday.

This is not exactly what I was looking for as it is more expensive than the Rough Terrain Straight Mast Forklift but it will make the job a lot easier. I won’t have to get as close to the stand and can ease the oven forward to exactly where we want it. Total cost is $730 plus tax. This includes the daily rental fee for the forklift and the 72″ forks, and delivery and pickup of the equipment.

They will deliver the forklift either Wed after 5 and pick up Thursday after 5 or Thursday morning before 8 and pick up Friday morning.

This is a very stressful part of the process – the timing of the forklift and the delivery company. Hopefully everything will work as planned – the forklift will be here Thursday and the oven will arrive Thursday! If not, it’s $460 for each day I keep the forklift!

More to follow!


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