Cement Mixer and Cement

The first thing we did today was put together the cement mixer. The instructions are not very good but we managed to get it together fairly easy. It only took a couple hours.

Next step, purchase the cement. I calculated I needed about 28 – 80 pound bags to fill the block cores and another 22 for the 4 inch hearth on top. I decided to get 60 – 80lb bags of cement to make sure I had enough. Best price I found was Lowes. So we hooked up the trailer and headed to Lowes and bought 60 bags.

Came back home and cut the rebar for each core leaving 1 3/4″ sticking out above the block. This will tie into the 4″ hearth.

We’ll pour the cores tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll get it done in one day.

More to follow!


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