Final Layer

In order to have the pizza oven at the height we want, we needed to use half height blocks for the top layer. This will add 4″ instead of 8″ to the height. We plan to fill the core of the blocks with cement so we needed to have half height blocks with the holes going straight down from the top. We could only find the half height blocks that are flat on the top and have holes going horizontally from the sides. We finally found some blocks that were half height with the holes vertical going from top to bottom. Only issue is they are also only half wide. So we have to lay two side by side to get the full width of the blocks.

Today we finished the outside layer of the half height blocks. We will complete the inside layer as we fill the cores with cement. This will make it easier to pour the cement through the bigger opening and then we simply mortar the inside brick and fill with cement.

After looking at rental costs for a cement mixer we realized it would be cheaper to buy one.Rental costs in this area are $90 per day plus tax. I found a mixer at Harbor Freight for $229. Since I knew we would need it at least three days, we come out better buying it. So we made a trip to Harbor Freight and bought the Central Machinery, 3 1/2 Cubic Ft. cement mixer.

Now we just have to put it together and we’ll be ready to fill the cores.

More to follow!


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