Hearth Cement

This morning we got an early start and poured the cement top. It took 21 1/2 – 80 pound bags of cement. I mixed the cement and poured into the frame. My wife used the cement vibrator to get rid of the air bubbles and spread the cement. We started in the front and worked towards the back – using a 2×4 to screed as we went. It took us just a little over 2 hours to pour.

As the day went on, I used a steel trowel to smooth the top. After a few hours, I sprayed the top with a light spray of water to keep it moist. I continued that for the rest of the day to keep the cement from curing too fast. I then covered it with plastic and left it to cure. It started raining at about 7pm and is forecasted to rain the next two days. I will keep it covered in plastic and let it cure slowly. Now we can rest for a few days.

Heading to the beach to camp this weekend! We need the brief rest break!

More to follow!


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