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28 April 2021

Category: Hive 2 & Written by ZuniBee On April-28-2021 15:22:28

This hive made it through the winter and is going strong. I found the queen on the second frame I looked at and caught her in a queen cage. The hive is a mixture of a deep hive body and a super. There is brood in the super and brood and nectar in the deep. This hive is ready to explode! There is at least 6 full frames of capped brood and four of larva of various sizes. Very strong hive. I rotated the boxes and put the deep on the bottom. I added another deep box with dirty comb from a winter die out. I want to see if the bees clean it up. I usually discard dirty frames but want to see what they will do. I released the queen into the deep and added a queen excluder. I put the supers on top of the excluder so the brood can hatch and they can backfill with honey. This hive is very strong so I shook some nurse bees into a nuc with a frame of brood. I added the virgin queen from Hive 1 to the nuc.


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