Missed Freezing – 34 degrees

Temps dropped to 34 degrees!   The plants were covered with buckets and seem to be okay. The Eggplant are having a hard time with the cold but after a day in the sun they look better. This is a picture of the plants this morning when the buckets were […]



Freezing Temps Coming!

I’ve been sick the last two days. Woke up in the middle of the night Sunday night and have been sick since. Went to work half day Monday but had to go home. Been in bed since. This morning I turned on the news and and saw temps for tonight […]

First bed planted!

What a beautiful day! We planted the first grow bed with eggplant and a few tomatoes. I decided to stop at one grow bed because we are getting a cold front on Tuesday night and the news says it will drop to the low 40’s. I just don’t trust the […]



Grow beds complete

We finished our raised beds last week, filled them with a mix of soil and garden compost, and worked all day on the drip irrigation. Here is a picture of one of the beds with irrigation. We used 1/2 inch tubing with 2 gallon per hour emitters. The system is […]


Sunny Sky’s

This afternoon the rain stopped and there was a brief period of blue sky’s. It’s been almost three days since I put the splits in the garage so I took advantage of the brief rain stoppage to put the nucs outside and open them up to let the bees fly. […]


Nucs Built

Today I got to work building some Nucs so I could do some splits. The queens will be here tomorrow morning….. I used the plans provided by D. Coates on They were very easy to make and I got 4 nucs out of one 4′ x 8′ sheet of 15/32 plywood […]

New Italian Queens

I got a great deal on four Italian Queens from Adam He had ordered some package bees with Italian queens and was going to use his own excellent breeding stock so he didn’t have a need for the queens that came with the packages.  The queens should ship on […]



Installing the package bees

Shortly after noon I went into the garage and could hear the loud buzzing coming from the packages. Today was much cooler than yesterday but it didn’t seem to bother the bees in the packages. They were ready to begin working! I sprayed them with my mixture of spring stimulate […]