We finished our raised beds last week, filled them with a mix of soil and garden compost, and worked all day on the drip irrigation. Here is a picture of one of the beds with irrigation.

20140415-190710.jpgWe used 1/2 inch tubing with 2 gallon per hour emitters. The system is hooked up to an Orbit Easy Dial Water timer. timerThen after checking to ensure that the drip system was working we covered the entire bed with Lumite that we got from Shaw Fabric Products. Roy was very nice to talk to and responded quick to my email questions. The product shipped from Georgia so shipping to Virginia wasn’t that bad.


Lumite is a woven black fabric that cuts easily and is smooth on both sides. It is our most effective, most affordable, and most durable weed barrier. It’s a 3.0-ounce-per-square-yard woven polypropylene fabric with green guide stripes. It is guaranteed to last at least five years in direct sunlight, but typically it will last 8-12 years in sunlight and indefinitely in shade. Tomorrow we’ll plant the first plants!