Installing the package bees

Shortly after noon I went into the garage and could hear the loud buzzing coming from the packages. Today was much cooler than yesterday but it didn’t seem to bother the bees in the packages. They were ready to begin working! I sprayed them with my mixture of spring stimulate syrup which consists of:

1:1 sugar syrup
Lemongrass Oil (food grade)
Spearmint Oil (food grade)
Wintergreen Oil (food grade and very little)
Tea Tree Oil

That seemed to quiet them down almost immediately as they began to eat and clean each other off. I then gathered my materials and headed off to the yard. I video taped the installs. Enjoy.



As you can see, the packages were full of bees. There were every bit of three pounds plus in those packages. I will order from Rory again. Now, we’ll wait until next Saturday to see if the queen was released and accepted.


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