Package Bees are Here!

Just got home from picking up my two 3 pound packages of bees I ordered from Busy Bee Apiaries.

I met Rory and his wife where I85 meets I95. Very nice people with a huge trailer full of packages of honeybees. Rory had a neat device set up with a sensor that let him read, in the cab, the temperature in the trailer with a misting system to keep the bees cool. Great looking bees that will be hived tomorrow.

Today I spent the day getting the hives ready. The first package will go in my first Top Bar hive. I’m interested in seeing the bees build natural comb. I should be able to get some pretty good comb honey from this hive.

Package Bees

The second package will be installed in a ten frame deep withMann Lake Ltd PF-100 small cell foundation. This will be the first small cell hive and I’m really interested in comparing small cell with regular cell hives. Specifically, I want to compare honey production, mite count, and winter survivability. I’m not sold completely on small cell but think there may be something to it.

So far, I’m very happy with my genetics relative to honey production and survivability.  All of my hives make it through the winter each year. Mite counts continue to remain low and the bees seem to be holding back the small hive beetle as well.

Hopefully I will have some good videos to post tomorrow evening. By the way, the “stick proof” or for beekeepers the “sting proof” puncture-resistant nitrile gloves are not sting proof. However, I really like working the hives with the gloves. It’s the next best thing to not wearing gloves. I took one sting to the finger when I made the mistake of keeping my fingers open and when I squeezed the bee I got popped.


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