Puncture-Resistant Nitrile Gloves

I decided to take the next step towards going without gloves. Yeah, I know. I should just go without gloves!  I’m changing my bulky leather beekeeping gloves for nitrile gloves. I ordered these from Dash Medical Gloves:

Nitrile Gloves

Premium Protection for High-Risk Conditions.

Extra cuff length, extra thickness, puncture-resistant nitrile – all make DASH HRP exam gloves premium protection in high-risk conditions.

  • Thicker glove
  • Extended cuff
  • Puncture resistant nitrile
  • Latex free and powder free

I’m going to give it a try and see if I can manage the frames better. I’ve read a lot of different reviews on the “sting proof” gloves… some say they get stung and others say they don’t. Time will tell!


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  • Follow up comment – These gloves are great! Very easy to work with and I have not been stung at all in three years. For those that are apprehensive to go without gloves, these are your solution!

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