Busy Beekeeping Preparations

I received my order (everything but the Top Bar Hive so far) fromHoneybee Habitat. I am very happy with the quality from my visual inspection and I look forward to putting together the frames and hives before I give a final report on the quality of wooden ware. Steve has been very responsive to my questions and the boxes arrived right on time.


Today I ordered two 3 pound packages from Busy Bee Apiaries.  Rory will be driving a load through Richmond and I will meet him to pick up the two packages. If anyone is interested I recommend you contact Rory as soon as possible to make sure you get your order. The price is good and shipping is only $2.50 per package! You’ll save quite a bit on shipping alone. He has the following dates available: March 18, 24, 29, and April 9 and 11.

I also received my pollen patties and fresh pollen order from Brushy Mountain Bee Farms.  I placed the order Sunday evening at 6:34 pm. I received confirmation of shipping on Monday morning and the package was delivered today. That’s what I call fast service!  I’ll be feeding the bees on Friday. Looks like I may have lost one hive this year but the other 9 were flying when I checked on Sunday. Weather is supposed to be in the 70′s on Friday!  I plan to inspect the hives on Friday and give them pollen and sugar syrup if they need it.

It will be in the low 20′s tonight so winter has not gone yet…


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