Hive Inspection

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The pictures below can be clicked to view in detail. Click once to get the image page then click it again for a more detailed view.

Various stages of honey bee larva
In this picture you can see various stages of larva – from larva to capped brood cells. (light cream colored capped cells)


Frame of capped brood
Frame of capped brood. Notice the white capped honey at the top. The white capped cells are honey filled and the cream colored capped cells are brood that will emerge as honeybees.


Honey (white capped)
Typical frame of bees. Honey (white capped) around the exterior with brood in the middle.


Frame with larva, pollen and honey.
Frame with larva, pollen and honey. The honey is white capped. The bright yellow is pollen stored in the cells.



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